Will the magnets damage my phone ?
No. The magnets used will not interfere or damage your phone.

What colors are available?
Black, Silver and Red

Is O-MAGi heavy?
Not at all. It’s so light - weighs under 55grams, compact and fits in your pocket.

Whats O-MAGi made of?
It's made of solid metal structure - Aluminium Alloy

How much weight can it hold?
It is designed to hold the weight of your smartphone (approx 220grams). Ensure full contact is made with the metal surface and O-MAGi so its fully secure.

How do I attach it to my phone?
We provide you with two metal discs that is adhesive on one side. Stick the adhesive side to your phone or phone case and you’re good to go!

Is it water proof?
Absolutely. However, we advise you to still wipe it dry.

Can it rotate?
This is our favourite part! Absolutely! It is designed to rotate 360degrees giving you the freedom to shoot at any angle! How awesome is that!! Get creative!!

Where can I use O-MAGi?
Another one of our favourite - Anywhere there’s metal thats magnetic! Gym, office, kitchen, vehicle, fridge, park, playground, construction sites, indoors, and outdoors. Please note: Some metal surfaces around us are not magnetic. Ensure surface is magnetic prior to using O-MAGi

What can I use it for?
O-MAGi is your personal video/photographer. Use it for all your social platforms and your business to record your workouts, record your cooking show, meetings, options are endless!

How do I become a stockist or a wholesaler of O-MAGi?
Contact us to discuss options.